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About Wired 2000 Corporation

Wired 2000 Corporation is an online marketing company which provides innovative advertising for businesses through various search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. We act as a liaison between businesses and consumers in a constant struggle to achieve maximum visibility on search engines for your products and services.

Through our unique keyword data mining, Wired 2000 can monitor emerging trends, reveal growth markets and identify hundreds of keywords for your products/services. Our company can deliver to your organization premium search engine traffic in as little as 3 business days; discover how Wired 2000 can maximize your search engine traffic and effectively convert your browsers into buyers.

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Software-Based Products

Businesses looking for a low-cost solution will enjoy our preferred partner list of software products, designed specifically to analyze, optimize and submit your pages to search engines. Each of the products we carry include an exclusive 30-day trial demo to ensure our product is in line with your marketing strategy prior to purchasing. These software applications assume you have a keyword list developed and a small understanding of search engine marketing. If you require a more comprehensive fully managed package, please see our consulting service below.

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Consulting Service

Because of the dynamic nature of search engines, many businesses often discover the need to constantly be working with a search engine partner. Wired 2000 has developed partnerships with various search engines and various traffic providers to enable select clients faster/priority inclusion into search engines. Due to the limited amount of clients we can push to the top of search engines through our managed campaigns, we must limit our services to no more than (3) competing companies. In other words, we will stop accepting managed campaigns once we have 3 clients competing for the same type of traffic based on product/service type.

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Reputation Management

With the explosion of social media, it has become necessary to ensure your brand name is not being tainted on the web. Critical reviews can harm your business, sometimes for years without an opportunity to defend yourself. We can strategically demote negative reviews and upvote positive reviews to ensure your online reputation is not being tarnished.

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